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Your request to receive email announcements of Flashcard Wizard Updates has been received. You will receive a short announcement of the following format upon the release of new updates:

    Flashcard Wizard has been updated to x.xx.

    This update contains the following major additions and changes:

    You may download the new version at
    You may find a list of fixes and new features in this version at
    The Flashcard Wizard home page is found at

    Thank you for your interest in Flashcard Wizard. Please help make Flashcard Wizard a better program by reporting bugs to All other questions should be directed to

    As bugs are found, they will be added to the "bug" page at

    If you create your own sets in Flashcard Wizard, consider sharing them with others on the internet.
    See the Set Library page for sets to download and more information on submitting your own sets.
    The Set Library page is found at
    Sets may be submitted as attachments to

Your email address will not be released to any other individual, company, or institution and will not be used for any other purpose than sending you announcements of release updates.

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