Freeware fonts for writing romanized Mandarin Chinese using the standard four tone marks.

EasyTone fonts by James E. Dew are now freeware and are available for direct download. Formerly only available for DOS and Windows operating systems, EasyTone fonts are now also available in Macintosh format.
Each of the following downloads contains:
  • 4KeyTimesRoman Proportional font.
  • 4KeyCourier Fixed-space font.
  • Readme files. Also available online.

Last Update: Monday, March 6, 2000

Download the font ".ttf" files for Windows, compressed in the .zip format. (48k)
Download the font suitcase files for Macintosh, compressed in the .sit.hqx format. (68k)

The 4keyCourier Fixed-space font is now also available modified for post-vocalic entering of tone marks.
You may download either the Windows or Macintosh version of this font here: - Zipped .ttf files for Windows. (22k)
4keycourmod.sit.hqx - Stuffed and encoded for Macintosh (31k)

Also available are Microsoft Word macros for the conversion of texts between Pintone® and EasyTone fonts: - Zipped MS Word Macros. (4k) - Stuffed and encoded for Macintosh (5k)

There is now a Macintosh utility which can convert between a number of popular pinyin fonts. Find out more:

Pinyin Font Converter - Visit the application's home page at The Fool's Workshop
Pinyin Fonts Online - Find out more about various pinyin fonts available online.

EasyTone fonts are prepared by James E. Dew. Questions and suggestions may be addressed to him at

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